Training Products

Training Courses and Workshops

Our courses and workshops are designed to meet specific learning objectives and to match the knowledge and skill needs of any specific audience our client wishes to address.  Courses and workshops can be provided on a one-off stand-alone basis, or in ‘suites’ as part of a wider development programme.  We can deliver the training ourselves.  Or we can support and train client individuals to deliver courses and workshops in-house, as appropriate.

E-learning Programmes

Cathedral Consulting has a long track record of designing and developing e-learning for intranet or stand-alone installation. We have designed e-learning programmes on a wide range of topics including business ethics, data protection, anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, equality and diversity issues.  Our programmes have in-built learning assessments, enabling the client to monitor knowledge and learning levels on an ongoing basis.

Evaluation Systems and Tools

Cathedral Consulting has a proven track record in the field of evaluation. For us, evaluation is an integral part of the design of any change or learning initiative, and not an ‘add-on’.  Our data collection methods are in-built, streamlined, cost-effective and very easy to use.  We provide consultancy and guidance on the design of data collection instruments and the subsequent analysis and use of any data collected.

Induction Programme Design

A successful induction will generate genuine enthusiasm for the organisation, a commitment to its values and high levels of individual competence and confidence.  We have the experience to equip and enable organisations with the information mechanisms, induction procedures and coaching techniques to ensure that new recruits receive the right information and development opportunities at the appropriate time and from the appropriate people, from their first day on the job.

Ready-to-Go Courses

We offer a range of ready-to-go courses, developed over 25 years of practical design and delivery experience.  Ready-to-go courses can be quickly to suit the needs of specific organisations and groups.  They provide access to tried and tested materials at virtually no development cost to the client organisation.  We can deliver the courses for you, and we can also provide a train-the-trainer service to equip and enable designated in-house trainers to deliver the courses for themselves.