Championing Standards and Ethical Business Conduct

How confident are you, that staff and managers are aware of and understand what constitutes good ethical business practice?  How comfortable do you feel with public perceptions of your organisation’s standard and conduct, or with public confidence in the way you do business?

These are questions that organisations have to deal with daily.  They are questions that, in the wake of recent high profile corporate scandals, have become a central concern for many organisations’ senior management teams.

Cathedral Consulting is experienced in helping organisations to:

  • define and set appropriate ethical standards for their business
  • formulate and implement codes of conduct
  • ensure adherence to agreed standards, changing attitudes and behaviours where needed.

We can help you to put in place the policies, practices and training that your organisation needs in order to:

  • maintain an up-to-date knowledge of relevant legal, regulatory and ethical issues
  • raise awareness and understanding of the rules for conduct and their implications
  • encourage and stimulate ethical good practice
  • compile the evidence needed in order to prove compliance to regulators and others.

diagram of ethical business conduct