Best Practice in Privacy and Data Protection

Cathedral Consulting has been providing training and consultancy on data protection and related issues since 1998.  We have worked with both public and private sector organisations to provide policy and procedural guidance, guidance for managers, training courses and e-learning programmes to tackle general and also sector-specific issues regarding personal data.

Our training and consultancy work on data protection and privacy has covered the following:

  • Purpose of data protection law
  • Data protection principles and key concepts
  • Personal rights and responsibilities
  • Conditions for lawful processing
  • Data processing operations
  • Data protection principles applied to day-to-day practice
  • Identification procedures
  • Disclosure decisions
  • Risk identification and risk management
  • Data entry standards and data quality management
  • Use and protection of sensitive personal data
  • Contracts with data processors
  • Data sharing between public authorities/data sharing protocols
  • Workstation security issues
  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Sector-specific rules and guidelines
  • Data collection instrument design
  • Web-based collection of data
  • E-mail risks to privacy and data protection.

Organisations for whom we have provided training and consultancy on data protection and privacy issues have included Easy i, Visa, Healthnet (US), Aegon UK, Medway Council, Royal Borough of Kingston, House of Commons, Southampton City Council. 

We offer a selection of ready-to-go courses on data protection and privacy issues.  Contact us for more information about the course options available.