Creating High-performance Teams

Bringing individuals together to create effective, high-performance teams is not something which happens instantly.  Effective team building can, however, significantly increase the rate of a team’s development.  And it can minimise the barriers and problems which may impede a team’s performance in the longer term.
Our approach is to focus the team building effort around four key areas of activity:

  • Setting clear goals for the team
  • Defining and balancing individuals’ roles and contributions within the team
  • Agreeing team working processes and methods
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships within the team and with identified key stakeholders outside the team.

We coach team leaders to ensure that they understand and are able to respond to the leadership demands which their teams might place on them at different stages in their development.

We also work with dysfunctional teams and teams in crisis, to help them diagnose their team problems and to apply appropriate, effective solutions.

Cathedral Consulting has also developed its own range of diagnostic tools and assessment activities to assist and promote team development.  Call us now to find out more about how we can help to enhance team development within your organisation.

diagram of the theory of group dynamics

We offer a selection of ready-to-go courses for managersContact us for more information about the full range available.