Ready-to-go Courses

Assertive Communication

Getting along with people is not always easy.  Even so, the ability to communicate positively and constructively is vital in ensuring good relationships with colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers and others in the course of our work.  This training course is designed to help individuals to understand better their personal communication traits and to develop their skills in building rapport and productive, positive working relationships with the people around them.

Assertive Communication (PDF document)

Effective Meetings

Many organisations waste vast amounts of time and resource in pointless meetings that deliver very little of real benefit.  Used effectively meetings are a powerful communication medium that can greatly enhance performance.  This course is designed to help managers and business leaders to rationalise and make more effective use of the time spent in meetings, by equipping them with the tools and communication techniques needed to keep meetings focused and effective.

Effective Meetings (PDF document)

How to Measure and Manage Customer Satisfaction

‘Satisfaction management’ is a continuous, ongoing research and evaluation process.  Done well, it helps to keep organisations continuously in touch with customers’ perceptions and able quickly to adapt and change to meet new or changing customer requirements.  This training course aims to enable and equip organisations with the tools and skills needed to monitor and manage customer satisfaction continuously and to maintain the alignment of services with customer needs.

Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction (PDF document)

Building High Performance Teams

Working as part of a high-performance team requires extremely high levels of personal motivation and commitment and strong communication and co-operative working skills.  Putting such teams together can be a challenge for even very experienced managers.  This course is designed to enable team leaders of all levels and experience by equipping them with the knowledge and leadership skills needed to inspire their teams to achieve and sustain peak performance.

High Performance Teams (PDF document)

Data Protection and Customer Privacy

With the rising prevalence of identity fraud (over 85,000 instances of impersonation and 24,000 instances of identity ‘hijacking’ reported to CIFAS in 2009) the pressure is on for organisations to protect their personal data handling operations from risk.  This course is designed to raise awareness  and understanding of data protection principles, of the risks to privacy that data protection laws are designed to protect against and of the measures needed to mitigate risk.

Data Protection and Customer Privacy (PDF document)

Data Protection in the Public Sector

Recent high-profile stories about wholesale losses of personal data combined with increasing incidences of identity fraud have heightened public concerns about the data security practices of the public sector as a whole.  This course is designed to help public sector organisations to regain public confidence in this arena by ensuring that staff are aware of their data protection duties and responsibilities and equipped to recognise and adequately protect against risks to personal data.

Data Protection in the Public Sector (PDF document)

Effective Performance Management

Performance management is concerned with enabling, skilling and motivating the people within an organisation into achieving what that organisation requires now and in the foreseeable future.  This course is designed to equip and enable corporate managers at all levels with the specific tools and skills to channel individual, team and cross-team performance as effectively as possible towards achieving the objectives and needs of the business.

Managing Performance (PDF document)

Freedom of Information:  Public Access, Public Rights

FOI is here to stay and those public authorities that have coped best with its demands have been able to reap significant benefits in improved records management practice, improved relationships with the media and public and a more positive public perception of their policy formulation and decision making.  This course is designed to enable and equip public authorities to achieve such benefits by providing them with a lasting understanding of and commitment to FOI good practice.

Freedom of Information (PDF document)

Managing Small to Medium Sized Projects

Managers are under increasing pressure to be flexible in their deployment of resources and to delegate increasing amounts of work, often in a project form, to people who may be relatively inexperienced in managing tasks and people.  This course is aimed at those people and is designed to equip them with the planning tools, analytical and team management skills needed to manage small to medium sized projects from their inception through to successful completion.

Small to Medium Sized Projects (PDF document)

Staff Development Skills for Managers

Most of the learning that individuals acquire during their working lives is acquired in the workplace itself rather than in the training room.  Knowing how to recognise and develop individuals’ potential on-the-job is therefore a vital responsibility for every manager.  This course is designed to equip and enable managers with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and actively develop individuals’ capacity and capacity as an integral part of day-to-day workplace management.

Staff Development Skills for Managers (PDF document)