Consultancy Services

Needs Analysis

We are experienced in planning and implementing needs analyses at an organisational, departmental, team and/or individual level.  Our focus is on ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the data collection process, consistency and accuracy in the way results are analysed and communicated, and on ensuring that the subsequent development effort is results-focused, delivering real solutions to address identified business needs.

Surveys and Benchmarking

Knowing what staff and managers think is vital when it comes to decisions about job design and people management.  Knowing what your customers think is essential when making decisions about the products and services you offer.  We have the capability and resources to assist with internal and external surveys and benchmarking, and with the business analysis and decision making typically ensure from the research process.

Continuous Improvement

Organisations need continuously to review what they do and challenge assumptions about their methods and practice.  Our focus is on helping organisations and their leader in three key ways:  a) achieving universal commitment to continuous improvement principles; b) reviewing, developing and improving business processes; c) creating the behaviours and strategies that best support a continuous capacity to adapt, change and respond to emerging needs.

Strategic Planning

Organisations need to identify and prepare for a whole range of internal and external factors affecting their performance.  Our approach is to work with managers to specify needs in teh context of both internal and external pressures and to develop strategies that make sense to those involved at all levels in the business.  The aim is to create a clear, cohesive corporate purpose which has organisation-wide support and commitment.

Change Management

Understanding and knowing how to manage change is a crucial skill for managers today.  We have the expertise to equip managers with the knowledge and skills they need to motivate and support staff through major change.  We give them the framework and tools they need to plan effectively for change, to manage the implementation of change and, where necessary, to amend the change process to accommodate newly emerging organisational needs.