Business Approach

Client Partnership

We see the client-consultant relationships as a working partnership. We work hard to ensure that clients remain involved in and retain ownership of any work we do with them. We work closely as a team with the client, taking the lead or following the lead as appropriate to the needs of the project.

Client Enablement

One of the core deliverables for any project is to ensure that clients are enabled to the point where they can carry on with key work independently of us. To this end we share our knowledge, our ideas and our skills freely with client individuals and we place no specific limits on this regardless of the project value.

Best Advice

We have a clear duty to give best advice to our clients. This includes reviewing all the available options openly and honestly; offering advice only where we are suitably qualified to give it; recommending alternatives and referring the client to sources other than ourselves where it is in the client’s best interests to do so.

Focus on Results

We research the client need carefully in the earliest stages of each project, working with the client to agree clear objectives linked to specific business outcomes. We continuously review the work specification, realigning as appropriate to meet changing and emerging needs. Our focus is always on delivering the best value result for clients.

‘Best Fit’ Solutions

What works for one organisation won’t necessarily work elsewhere. In matching solutions to client problems and needs we take full account of cultural, environmental and other issues, seeking the ‘best fit’, best value for money solution for the particular client and the situation at hand

Concern for Quality

Quality is a driving concern for us in every aspect of what we do. We want to deliver only the best quality products and services to our clients. We want our clients to derive the maximum benefit from their experience of working with us. We set ourselves high standards and we monitor constantly to ensure we measure up to these at all times.